Legacy Projects

The following items are older projects that are no longer developed or supported placed here for archival purposes.

Books for Mac OS X

Books for Mac OS X was desktop app for Mac desktops that allowed users to catalog their book collection.


Garmin GPS Tool

The Garmin GPS Tool is a Java Swing application that allows Garmin GPS users to connect their units to computers and use the Swing application as a tool for downloading and visualizing waypoint, track, and route data on a global scale.



Verify was a Java/Cocoa app used for verifying Creative Commons licenses using embedded metadata in media files like MP3s. Unfortunately, the source and binaries are no longer available for public use.


For two years, I worked the interview beat for Chicagoist, a local weblog. During my time, I had the good fortune to chat with a variety of interesting local folk, including Peter Sagal and Mr. T.