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On to the links...

Yale physicists find signs of a time crystal (YaleNews)

Paging Doctor Strange!

A pregnant black woman is in prison for defending herself. Mainstream gun groups are silent. (Vox)

You'd think that this would be a case that the NRA would be quick to jump on if they were serious actually protecting Second Amendment rights. Even if Ra isn't entirely in the right, I would assume a gun rights group would at least challenge the Michigan law that makes the first person in an altercation to file a police report the de facto victim in the conflict.

U.S. Payrolls Rise 164,000 While Jobless Rate Falls to 3.9%. (Bloomberg)

To whatever extent presidents deserve credit for the economy, Trump deserves credit for this. The midterm elections will be a strong indicator of whether the American electorate cares about Trump's conduct or the economy. Democrats need a strong economic message to short circuit Trump's ability to take credit for the economy. Pointing to strong progress since the Bush administration achieved under the Obama administration that Trump's building on may be an option.

The Stormy Daniels Saga Shows How Vulnerable Trump Is To Blackmail (The Huffington Post)

The interesting thing about the latest Stormy Daniels revelations is to what extent Trump has demonstrated a tendency to engage in behavior leaving him open to blackmail threats AND a historical pattern of behavior of acquiescing to blackmailers demands (if you're charitable and take the position that Trump did not do what was alleged). In any other administration where he was not at the top, he would be unable to get a job due to his inability to get a security clearance and pass the FBI background checks. (Kushner's limited role serving as an example of the best that he could do.)

We live in strange days.

Night Drive (Timecop1983 via Bandcamp)

This is a busy weekend keeping up with all the business stuff (and FCBD!), and this is the soundtrack for plugging away at tasks.

‘I had to guard an empty room’: the rise of the pointless job (The Guardian)

I've always been a fan of the mantra "Create more value than you capture" as a way of testing the hypothesis that I'm not doing something pointless. You can watch Tim O'Reilly's 2013 talk on the idea below.

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