I wanted to post a quick heads-up that I'll be doing two public speaking gigs this week.

On Tuesday, August 26, I'll be speaking at Mercy Home for the Friends First program to prospective mentors about my experiences in their program with Willie. If you're interested in mentoring a kid, come check it out. It's a very well-run and well-executed program. (7:30pm @ 1140 W. Jackson Blvd.)

On Thursday, August 28, I'll be speaking at the Chicago Quantified Self Meet-Up group about last month's trip to Six Flags and how I recorded the acceleration traces using Purple Robot and my Pebble watch. It should be a short fun talk among several others and the QS meetings are always worth attending. (6pm @ Merchandise Mart)

If you're interested in either of these and want to accompany me, just let me know and we can coordinate.

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