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To Understand the Future of Tesla, Look to the History of GM (Harvard Business Review)

Some interesting history that may inform the future of TSLA in the decades ahead...


On the definition (or lack) of "Japanese whisky".

Istanbul Closes the Books on Its Public Scribes (Atlas Obscura)

Although he is not a lawyer, Talih has clients who clearly trust him to translate their experiences into Turkish legalese, which is replete with archaic Ottoman words—much like the Latin phrases beloved of English-speaking lawyers. An understanding of this obscure language is vital to Talih’s work as a public scribe or arzuhalci, a profession he entered almost 50 years ago. Now, he is one of the last of his kind.

Steven Pinker: Counter-Enlightenment Convictions are ‘Surprisingly Resilient’ (Quillette)

I've seen a lot of commentary on Pinker's book - it's nice to hear the words come straight out of the author's own mouth.

An Oral History of the Noid: A Tale of Pizza, Guns, and Madness (Slate)

A fascinating history of one of the '80s' stranger cultural icons, and how it became suddenly serious and deadly.

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