"Real artists ship."

-Steve Jobs

That is my remit this day.

(Updated throughout the day.)

Escape the echo chamber (Aeon)

Unfortunately, much of the recent analysis has lumped epistemic bubbles together with echo chambers into a single, unified phenomenon. But it is absolutely crucial to distinguish between the two. Epistemic bubbles are rather ramshackle; they go up easily, and they collapse easily, too. Echo chambers are far more pernicious and far more robust. They can start to seem almost like living things. Their belief systems provide structural integrity, resilience and active responses to outside attacks. Surely a community can be both at once, but the two phenomena can also exist independently. And of the events we’re most worried about, it’s the echo-chamber effects that are really causing most of the trouble.

One Strange Rock (Original Series Soundtrack) (Bandcamp)

Today's musical accompaniment meant to grease the mental gears to Get Stuff Done. Pretty interesting album!

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Image Credit: TamaquaArea.com

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