Today's set up to be a "mop-up day", where I spend my time and attention squashing all the small stuff that's been accumulating since the gauntlet of deadlines started two weeks ago. With any luck, I'll get my inbox count back down under 700 and establish some good momentum getting that number even lower in the weeks ahead.

(Updated throughout the day.)

Generalized Linear Models (scikit-learn)

Not so much an engaging read as simple acknowledgement how much better Open Source Python developers make my life every day.

Meet the Woman Who Leads NightWatch, Google’s Internal Privacy Strike Force (Gizmodo)

"Kissner leads a team of 90 employees called NightWatch, which reviews almost all of the products that Google launches for potential privacy flaws. Sometimes, products just need a bit of work to pass muster—to meet the standard of what a former colleague of Kissner’s, Yonatan Zunger, calls 'respectful computing.'"

It's good to see a fellow '02 graduate do some good in this world. Examples like this provide me some useful pressure on me to not sit around on my ass, and to do something useful as well.


A surprisingly contrarian take on our technological future (penned in 2000) from one of the founding fathers of our modern computing ecosystem. (Joy was a founder at Sun Microsystems and a key figure in the development and dissemination of Unix-based systems.)

Should be required reading for all folks working in the computing field, if not persuade readers to Joy's ideological side, but to get the mental gears spinning in a useful introspective manner that doesn't have us shoot our collective foot due to utopian blindness.

Small ball (baseball) (Wikipedia)

Given that I used this term in describing my day in my share on Facebook, it would be rude of me to not include a link here.

This post will be updated throughout the day with other links I find interesting.

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