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Badly implemented AI could ‘jeopardize democracy,’ says French president Emmanuel Macron (The Verge)

I'm pleased to see other folks get onboard with being extremely skeptical of black-box algorithms and the chaos they can and will likely cause within our collective and respective cognitive ecologies. We're getting a sneak peek of this phenomenon with the recent Über and Tesla crashes, and this will become more serious as we cede decision making away from humans (for whom we have robust systems for assigning and enforcing responsibility) and give them to poorly-understood automated processes. I'll be watching France's moves here and see how I can participate as a responsible systems creator for the purposes of avoiding undue chaos.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix to mark X-Men's entrance into the MCU (JoBlo Movie Network)

While this is a merely a rumor at this point, it does make a lot of sense given the recent delays until 2019 of "New Mutants" and "Dark Phoenix". While I am not a fan of merging the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Earth-10005, I guess the synergistic exploitation possible by merging the two worlds is too much for Disney to pass up. I can only hope that the X-Men properties (the films, "The Gifted", "Legion") retain their diverse characters and don't become as homogenized as the other MCU movies have been. (To be fair, the MCU's been getting better on this point with its Netflix series and films with strong directors such as "Black Panther" and "Thor: Ragnarök".

What we talk about when we talk about post-truth (Aeon)

Seems like in the age of Kuhn, we may need to inject a bit more of Popper's empirical falsification. If you think that the Earth is round or vaccines cause autism, be sure that you express those claims in testable fashions that can be replicated elsewhere.

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